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A Family Member Or Friend Who Suffers From Bipolar Disorder

Do you know a family member or friend who suffers from Bipolar Disorder? Jessica was one of my friends from College, during college she was an outstanding student, she was always on time with assignments, no absences, and on top of the class. Everything in her room and study papers were extremely organized, but sometimes she last days with insomnia and cried without motive. Her parents’ divorce cause a terrible impact in her family, the doctors diagnosed her mom with major depression. After college, she applied for a well-paid job in a big computer company. Happiness surround her world, she said she was the best at the company. Five months later, Jessica started to have overwhelming thoughts about her capacity at work, and her inability to†¦show more content†¦Mood shifts can results in severe episodes of mania (feeling excessive happiness), or depression (feeling excessive sadness and hopelessness). A person with Bipolar Disorder have difficulty in completing tasks, due to their bizarre changes in vitality, and activity levels (Nordqvist, 2015). The diagnosis could be difficult when other mental health illness are present, because of the similarity of symptoms; mental health specialists require diagnostic tests to define a diagnosis, and develop an effective treatment. An overview about Bipolar Disorder stated that approximately three percent of the American present this mental illness yearly, and more than eighty percent demonstrated severe episodes. Bipolar Disorder revealed distinctive sign and symptoms on each person, and do not discriminate on age, gender, race, or social status (Bipolar Disorder, 2015a). Although the management of Bipolar Disorder in adults is a challenge for mental health professionals, due to the unique episodes of mania or depression, and a variety of causes, the effective use of diagnostic tests help professionals to conclude with a proper diagnosis, and a successful management. Mood changes and outburst characterized the signs and symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. These changes includes manic episodes, and depressive episodes, and sometimes manic and depressive together. Manic episodes. Symptoms of manic episodes exhibit a high level of energy, happiness, and risky

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Essay on Death of a Naturalist - 1016 Words

Death of a Naturalist This poem is similar to Blackberry-Picking in its subject and structure - here, too, Heaney explains a change in his attitude to the natural world, in a poem that falls into two parts, a sort of before and after. But here the experience is almost like a nightmare, as Heaney witnesses a plague of frogs like something from the Old Testament. You do not need to know what a flax-dam is to appreciate the poem, as Heaney describes the features that are relevant to what happened there - but you will find a note below. Click here to see this explanation. The poems title is amusingly ironic - by a naturalist, we would normally mean someone with expert scientific knowledge of†¦show more content†¦The poem is set out in two sections of blank verse (unrhymed iambic pentameter lines). Heaney uses onomatopoeia more lavishly here than in any poem - and many of the sounds are very indelicate: gargled, slap and plop and farting. The lexicon is full of terms of putrefaction, ordure (excrement or faeces) and generally unpleasant things - festered, rotted, slobber, clotted water, rank/With cowdung and slime kings. In the first section, the poet notes the festering in the flax-dam, but can cope with this familiar scene of things rotting and spawn hatching. Perhaps, as an inquisitive child he felt some pride in not being squeamish - he thinks of the bubbles from the process as gargling delicately. He is confident in taking the frogspawn - he does it every year, and watches the jellied specks become fattening dots then turn into tadpoles. He has an almost scientific interest in knowing the proper names (bullfrog and frogspawn) rather than the teachers patronizing talk of daddy and mammy, and in the idea of forecasting the weather with the spawn. (Not really very helpful, since you can see if it is raining or sunny by direct observation - no need to look at the frogspawn.) The second section appears like a punishment from offended nature for the boys arrogance - when he sees what nature in the raw is really like, he is terrified.Show MoreRelated Death of naturalist Essay719 Words   |  3 PagesDeath of naturalist This poem is a fertile mixture of imagery, sounds and an impression created by nature on people’s mind. Heaney sensualises an outstanding fear of the physical wonders of the world. He vividly describes his childhood experience that precipitates his change as a boy from the receptive and protected innocence of childhood to the fear and uncertainty of adolescence. As he wonders along the pathways of salient discovery, Heaney’s imagination bursts into life. The titleRead More Poetry appreciation of Death of a naturalist Essay1108 Words   |  5 PagesPoetry appreciation of Death of a naturalist This poem ‘Death of a Naturalist’ by Seamus Heaney is about the lifecycle of frogs and a child’s interest in nature. As the child grows up he looses interest in all aspects of nature. It is as if ‘Death of a Naturalist’ was referring to the loss of innocence of the child and the love of nature he once had died inside him. Not only that, he now has respect for nature but not necessarily disliking it; nor loving it either. The atmosphere of theRead MoreEssay about Death of a Naturalist Analysis455 Words   |  2 Pages Death of a Naturalist The poem, like Seamus Heaney’s work, is very nature minded in terms of context. However, he describes the frogs in a very evil, sinister, and menacing way. It is about a child who collects frog spawn from the dam and collects it in jars. He is innocent and unaware of the evil that lurks in the frog spawn. We can see in the poem that the boy is young, when he remembers his teacher teaching him about the frogs, and his way of calling the frogs ‘Daddy frog’ and ‘Mammy Frog’.Read MoreLiterary Analysis Of Heaneys Death Of A Naturalist1071 Words   |  5 PagesThe title of the poem â€Å"Death of a Naturalist† is very suggestive itself; the death of someone who loved nature. However, it is about an individual whose emotions fluctuates towards nature as they grow up. In the first stanza of the poem Heaney uses a range of literary devices such as imagery, â€Å"green and heavy headed† and â€Å"warm thick slobber† which gives the reader a concrete representation of an impression, a feeling, or an idea that Heaney is trying to portray; which is the freedom and carefreeRead More A Comparison Between Death of a Naturalist and Digging Essay951 Words   |  4 PagesA Comparison Between Death of a Naturalist and Digging For GCSE course work we have to compare two poems from a foreign culture. The two poems we picked were both by the popular Irish poem ‘Seamus Heaney.’ The two poems we’re looking at ‘Death of a Naturalist’ and ‘Digging’ could be seen as autobiographical. ‘Death of a Naturalist’ is basically about a young boy who had a keenness for nature, which has disintegrated throughout a summer. ‘Digging’ is about the poet remembering his childhoodRead More Compare and Contrast Death of a Naturalist, An Advancement of Learning1603 Words   |  7 PagesCompare and Contrast Death of a Naturalist, An Advancement of Learning and The Early Purges. In this essay I am going to discuss ‘Death of a Naturalist’, ‘An Advancement of Learning’ and ‘The Early Purges’ by Seamus Heaney. I will focus on the similarities and differences between these poems in terms of what they are about, their language and themes. The first out of the three poems by Heaney that I have studied is ‘Death of a Naturalist’. This poem is about Heaney as a young child, Read MoreHeaneys Use of Childhood Memories in The Death Of A Naturalist996 Words   |  4 PagesHeaneys Use of Childhood Memories in The Death Of A Naturalist Seamus Heaney is an Irish poet who was born in April 1939 and still lives today. Seamus Heaney was a very bright boy who as a country boy attended local primary schools and colleges to gain scholarships at Colleges. At college Heaney was taught Latin and Irish and moved on to Queens University in Belfast. In the course of his career Seamus Heaney has always contributed to the promotions of artistic and educationalRead More Discuss the poems Death of a Naturalist and Personal Helicon by1249 Words   |  5 PagesDiscuss the poems Death of a Naturalist and Personal Helicon by Seamus Heaney Both poems examined revolve around the youth of Seamus Heaney. In both poems the reader is told about Heaneys memories as a child and his progressing memories as he grows up and understands his surroundings more from an adults perspective. This essay will look at and evaluate how the adult has been moulded from his childhood experiences, Discuss and explain Seamus Heaneys use of language and tone to portray his Read MoreDeath of a Naturalist Seamus Heaney Analysis Essays867 Words   |  4 PagesDeath of a Naturalist analysis Title * Dramatic * Evokes sadness – Heaney’s childhood innocence is lost * Metaphorical death – ‘death of innocence’ Content * It is partially linked to Blackberry-Picking in that: * It shows the good side of nature * It shows the harshness of nature * It shows Heaney’s childhood * The first stanza, Heaney describes how the frogs would spawn in the lint hole, with a digression into his collecting the spawn, and how his teacherRead MoreA Comparison of Death of a Naturalist and Digging by Seamus Heaney1517 Words   |  7 PagesA Comparison of Death of a Naturalist and Digging by Seamus Heaney The poems Death of a Naturalist and Digging have many similarities, and contrasts. Some of the reoccurring themes in the two poems include memories of childhood and changes in the life of the writer. There are contrasts too, in Death of a Naturalist; the writer is concentrating on himself and his own experiences in life, rather than the experiences of others. In Digging, the opposite is true,

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Classification Of Vegetarians Essay - 3865 Words

Classification Of Vegetarians According to the research, there are a number of different types of vegetarians. The first four listed are considered to be true vegetarians because by definition the term vegetarian diet is composed mainly of plant foods and may or may not include eggs and dairy products. Any person who chooses to omit animal products uses a vegetarian diet. Vegetarian diets are often classified by the extent to which animal products are excluded (Vegetarian Diet 39). The table below provides information on the classification of vegetarians and what each type consumes. In Havala’s book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being Vegetarian, she states, Many people today are using the term ‘vegetarian’ loosely to mean†¦show more content†¦Vegetarians also have lower chances of developing kidney stones and gallstones (Havala 14). Research suggests that vegetarians are at lower risk for type II diabetes, atonic constipation, and perhaps, cancer (Vegetarian Diet 40). The Truth Behind The Myths: All About Nutrition According to the Vegetarian Diet, diets for vegetarians, when well planned, can be healthful and nutritionally adequate. In planning a vegetarian diet, one should choose a variety of foods in accordance with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Vegan or vegan-like diets that exclude all animal products can be nutritionally complete, but care must be taken to ensure adequacy of energy and vitamin D, iron, vitamin B12, intakes. Diets that are very restrictive are often nutritionally inadequate and may lead to deficiencies if followed for an extended period of time. The major nutrients to consider when planning a vegetarian diet are as follow (42). Calories Vegan diets tend to be low in fat and, therefore, often are lower in calories. In addition, these diets are high in fiber. Diets must provide adequate energy to spare protein for tissue maintenance and growth (Vegetarian Diets 42). Protein A myth about protein deficiency can lead to a common misconception about vegetarianism. According to Havala, protein is the least likely nutrient to be deficient in a vegetarian diet (38). ProteinsShow MoreRelatedNutrient Source and Significance768 Words   |  4 Pagesbuilding blocks of the structure and function cells are lipids. Lipids include fats, oils, waxes certain vitamins. When most people think of lipids its negatively because they are associated with fats. Although some lipids have the classification as fats, lipids are not all bad. On the contrary, they have a very important function in the body. Lipids are various compounds are grouped because they are impenetrable in water. Common lipid are fats, phospholipids, and steroidsRead MoreHuman Health And Increase Chances Of Survival For Life On Earth928 Words   |  4 Pageshealth and increase chances of survival for life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. Being vegetarian can truly safe the plant. The earth is where the human beings live at. So, it’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure to do the best to keep this place save for own our benefits as human beings. A study from University of California, Los Angeles showed that the number of becoming a vegetarian person has been increased nearly 15% a year. However, meat has importance in our bodyRead MoreVegetarianism, A Healthier Way of Life1410 Words   |  6 Pagesconsumption of meat. There are any different varieties of vegetarians. The term vegetarian broadly describes a person that does not eat meat; however, there are many different classifications of vegetarianism depending on a person’s specific dietary practices. For example, a vegan does not consume any meat or animal byproducts (e.g. eggs, milk, cheese, honey). Lacto vegetarians exclude meat and eggs, but will eat dairy products. Lacto-ovo vegetarians exclude meat, but will eat eggs and dairy productsRead MoreFood Habits And Its Effects On Food940 Words   |  4 PagesHealth and lifestyle concerns have led to the development of different classifications of people based on what they eat. For example, there are various types of vegetarians. Serious vegetarians do not eat any animal product. Some vegetarians consume some animal products such as eggs and different milk products, but they do not take meat. Other people choose to take white meat only, and they avoid red meat. These classifications a re based on people’s concerns about their health and lifestyle. A person’sRead MoreFactors That Influence Food Habits And Culture947 Words   |  4 PagesHealth and lifestyle concerns have led to the development of different classifications of people based on what they eat. For example, there are various types of vegetarians. Serious vegetarians do not eat any animal product. Some vegetarians consume some animal products such as eggs and different milk products, but they do not take meat. Other people choose to take white meat only, and they avoid red meat. These classifications are based on people’s concerns about their health and lifestyle. A person’sRead MoreResearch Proposal on Anemia1413 Words   |  6 PagesEFFECTIVENESS OF PROPHYLACTIC IRON AND FOLIC ACID IN PREVENTING MATERNAL ANEMIA AMONG VEGETARIANS-A CASE CONTROL STUDY INTRODUCTION: Anemia complicating pregnancy poses a considerable danger to pregnant women and the fetal outcomes. Maternal anemia is defined as presence of less than 9gm% of hemoglobin in blood (Van Hove et. al, 2000). There is a significant risk of premature delivery and miscarriage in anemic women. The fetus is also at risk for low birth weight and severe anemiaRead MoreShould Health Care Providers Recommend A Vegan Diet For The Prevention Or Treatment Of Non Communicable Or Chronic Diseases1498 Words   |  6 Pagesthe increasing popularity of a vegetarian or vegan approach to diet, and the apparent health benefits of these choices, the question of whether treatment specifically through diet may be a viable approach to slowing the spread of non-communicable and chronic diseases has been raised.1,5 This paper will briefly explore how three of the primary, chronic, non-communicable diseases may be addressed, either through prevention or treatment of existing disease, by a vegetaria n, vegan, or plant-based diet.Read MoreEssay about The RIng tail lemur523 Words   |  3 PagesRing-tailed lemurs can live in tropical deciduous forests to semi-desert areas. This lemur inhabits three different forests in southern Madagascar. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Ring-tailed lemurs are vegetarians but sometimes eat insects. Only two types of lemurs are strictly vegetarian. Ring-tailed lemurs eat leaves, fruit, sap, plants, bark, and flowers. They like many different species of plants and trees but really love the Kily tree. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The ring-tailedRead MoreThe Global Language Monitor )942 Words   |  4 Pageswhile watching television. Upon seeing the ad, I thought of those that made the ad and how much they must care about the wellbeing of society and those in it. It occurred to me that using PSA and combining it with another word could generate a classification of some kind. Since I did not have a clear direction in mind, I searched through a list of suffixes and their meanings in hopes that something would stick out. There were a plethora of good endings to choose from, such as –ist, -ism, and -izationRead MoreA Study On Nutritional Status Of Rural Adolescent Girls1544 Words   |  7 Pagesbelonging to Hindu family. Majority of respondents (64%) were from other backward caste and 32 per cent were from schedule caste. Sixty four per cent adolescent girls had joint type of family structure. Majority (92%) of them were vegetarian. Only 4 per cent were from ovo vegetarian. Adequacy of milk and milk products and sugar was high in both the compeer groups. The adequacy of cereals was also inadequate in both the compeer group. Due to irregular intake of pulses by adolescent which is influenced by

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Explain why there was growing involvement of the USA in Europe in the years 19 45-1948 free essay sample

In this essay, I will show why America had a growing involvement in Europe between 1945-1948. The USA implemented the Truman doctrine to contain communism, used the Long telegrams to spy on the USSR and gave money to western countries to discourage them from communism. I will explore all of these points in this homework and why America got involved in Europe because of these points. One reason was the Truman doctrine. The Truman doctrine was the idea that the United States would try to prevent communism from spreading. The main idea was called ‘containment’ which involved containing communism in eastern Europe and not letting it spread to other countries. One way they did this was helping the capitalists in communist revolutions. An example of this was the civil war in Greece, with the USA providing military aid in 1947. The USA wanted to make sure countries stayed capitalist as they would be able to trade with them and would stop the communist’s having a growing influence, especially in Europe. We will write a custom essay sample on Explain why there was growing involvement of the USA in Europe in the years 19 45-1948 or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This links to the Marshall Plan as they both were ways to stop European countries swapping to communism and increase trade. Another reason was the Long telegrams. The Long Telegrams was a secret report from American’s ambassador in Moscow. The USA had told the American ambassador to report the plans of the USSR. The telegrams reported that Stalin had given a speech on the destruction of capitalism, there could be no peace with USSR whilst it opposed capitalism and that the USSR were building up resources. This made the USA worry as it looked like that the USSR were preparing to invade. This caused the USA increase its influence on Europe so that the USSR would find it more difficult to invade the USA. This links to the Norvikov telegrams which was a secret report from the USSRs ambassador reporting plans of the USA. This shows that both sides did not trust each other so they had their ambassadors spy on each other and report what was going on. This shows that tensions were very high and that both side were anticipating war, causing an arm race. A third reason was the Marshall plan. The Marshall plan was when the United States provide economic assistance to restore the economy of Europe. After the war, the Soviet Unions controlled most of Eastern Europe and the USA was worried about that the western European countries would become capitalist, so the USA wanted to discourage countries from becoming Satellite States by giving them large amounts to the Western European Countries in danger of being taken over. The USA gave $13. 3 billion to Europe for recovery. This money let many European countries rebuild the economy. This allowed the USA to continue to trade with them and contained communism in eastern Europe. This links to Cominform. In October 1947, Stalin set up Cominform. Every communist party in Europe joined. This allowed Stalin control of the Communists in Europe. This allowed him to stop satellite states taking Marshall aid and stop them becoming capitalists. In conclusion, there are several reasons for the USA becoming more involved in Europe whether to stop communism spreading, to still be able trade with western European countries and trying to stop the USSR destroying capitalism. By stopping Communism spreading they managed to give themselves more power and stop Communism from becoming stronger. By continuing trading with countries they are able to make more money and therefore, making themselves more powerful. Spying on the USSR made relationships worse and developed an arm race but may have caused the USSR invading them.

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Global Warming a Natural Phenomenon Essay Example

Global Warming: a Natural Phenomenon Paper Global Warming is Natural The global warming subject has been a heated debate for the past few decades. Some scientists are saying this is a completely man made problem. There are two clear sides to this subject and both have evidence, but the evidence is stronger on that global warming is just Mother Nature at work. The government has poured hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars into research for manmade global warming. The theory is that humans are causing the greenhouse effect and putting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. There is clear evidence to prove otherwise and that the carbon oxide emissions have a much smaller affect than the scientists, government, and media make you believe. Manmade global warming is not occurring. Global warming is a natural occurring process that the earth goes through over the years. The earth has been heating and cooling for hundreds of thousands of years and its a natural climate change. The Pleistocene Ice Age occurred 18,000 years ago and put most of the earth under a sheet of ice (Hive). Ever since then the earth has gone through seven major warming and cooling trends. We will write a custom essay sample on Global Warming: a Natural Phenomenon specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Global Warming: a Natural Phenomenon specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Global Warming: a Natural Phenomenon specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Of the six trends preceding the current period of warming, three produced enraptures warmer than the average 59 F today and three have produced cooler temperatures. In 1650, the temperature of the earth plummeted to a low 57 F, the coldest point since the ice age. This is why from 1650 to 1850 is known as the Little Ice Age. Our global warming of 1. 50 F since 1850 is simply a recovery of the Little Ice Age. Even the United Nation Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (EPIC) concludes that, some of the global warming could be a recovery from the Little Ice Age rather than a direct result of human activity (Brogan). The two periods in history when the planet was significantly warmer than today were followed by bountiful harvests and economic prosperity. Between 6500 B. C. And 3500 B. C. , the temperature rose to KICK which is three degrees warmer than today. This is the temperature that greenhouse theory scientists say will be the temperature by 2100 and which will supposedly wreak havoc on the environment. However, it was during this time that the Agricultural Revolution began, laying the foundation for civilization. Between 900 A. D. And 1 1 00 A. D. When the temperature rose to 61 OF, Europe experienced record harvests and economic prosperity (Brogan). These changes are caused by a constant fluctuation in the earths climate. The earths warming can all be explained by the suns activity. The most recent global warming scare was from 1 850 to 1940. This time of warming was obviously not created by humans emissions Of carbon dioxide (Wigmaker). The earth absorbs solar radiation and heat from the sun. This process is something that we cannot control. There are many other things that are causing the earth to warm that are also out of our control. Several processes and things on earth release carbon dioxide into the air and cause warming. Like said before the earth absorbs solar radiation and heat and rises the temperature on the surface of the earth. Processes that release carbon dioxide into the air include volcanic eruptions, decaying of plants and animals, and even us simply breathing. Humans and animals release carbon dioxide from breathing. Humans do put carbon dioxide into the air through running cars and factories, but the emissions are minimal compared to the other things that cause this. The release of carbon dioxide into the air cause something called the greenhouse effect which environmentalists say is ruining our atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is one of the most important things that our earth entails. It keeps the earth warm and without it the earth would be about 10 F. The basic idea of it is that the sun hits the earth and warms the earth. The warm earth then emits infrared radiation to cool itself. The radiation is absorbed by the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Its simple; the cooling earth Warms the atmosphere, which then radiates some of that heat back down to earth. The greenhouse effect is not the debated subject; the debate is that carbon dioxide is or is not warming the earth. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. It does not affect the temperature of the earth; the sun does. AY Gore with his Inconvenient Truth and other environmentalists make people believe that carbon dioxide is warming the earth, but they have no evidence behind it. AY Gores whole movie was based on a core sample taken in Antarctica which he said had correlation between carbon dioxide and temperature. Scientists have proved him wrong and said a correlation doesnt mean causation (Pennington). They do not have sufficient enough evidence that carbon dioxide is causing warmth, but there s evidence proving that the warming is just a natural occurrence and has been happening for millions of years. Global warming is a very large and complicated topic. I tried to make it as simple as I could and now that we know what it is I can present my problem with it. The government is pouring millions and maybe even billions of dollars into research for global warming. Guess where that money is coming from? Our tax payer money is being spent on just this theory. The earth is warming and some people feel that it is our fault, when really we cant do much to avoid it. The government is spending money pay people to research it and use computer models to try to predict it. Computer models are unreliable. The most reliable is the data of the climate changes and temperatures from the past. These pieces of data disprove AY Gore and his bandwagon of people pushing this theory. This does not mean I am against renewable and alternative ways Of energy. I think it is great and it is going to save us money. Our hybrid cars are awesome; they cut down on the amount of fuel needed for a car. This in turn requires a lot less money to run and operate your car. In the long run all of these things will reduce cost of heating your home, running your car, supplying electricity, and many other things. Alternative and renewable energy are great technologies and maybe we could put a lot of our money into that rather than the research of what global warming is doing. The hard working Americans tax dues produce billions of dollars for the government each year. A lot of this money is put to good use, such as using it to protect our freedom by funding our strong military. Although a lot of this money is put to good cause, some is not used as intelligently. We cannot stop the earth from warming, using renewable energy does a little but the other factors are far too great for us to fix. We could use the millions of dollars that we use each year on useless computer models to try to predict global warming on something far more important and sensible. We could use the money to give us a better chance of curing cancer or other deadly diseases. Manmade global warming is simply a theory that has been blown up by the government and media and is in fact not that real. They do not have enough evidence to back up what they are presenting. Therefore, believe the tax are money could be spent on far bigger problems rather than something that has been naturally occurring for hundreds of thousands of years. Manmade global warming is easily one of the top discussed topics today and has been for a couple decades. It is a very touchy subject and has numerous people on either side. The government spends unnecessary amounts of money into this simple theory that is nowhere to be proven. As you can tell from the facts above that it is doubtful what the environmentalists are saying is true. Human emissions of carbon dioxide have minimal effect on the over emissions of carbon dioxide years. There is to even hard evidence proving that carbon dioxide even has anything to do with temperature of the earth. It is simple the earth is warming, but it is not such a bad thing.

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How to Tell Your Parents You Want to Drop Out of College

How to Tell Your Parents You Want to Drop Out of College If you are considering dropping out of college, you likely have a good reason: personal, financial,  academic, or a combination of factors. Even though the benefits of dropping out may be clear to you, your parents may have some concerns, and talking to them about dropping out may not be easy. So where can you begin? What should you say? Be Honest Dropping out of college is a big deal, and your parents know this. Even if they suspected that this conversation was coming, they probably arent going to be too pleased about it. Consequently, you owe it to them- and yourself- to be honest about the main reasons driving your decision. Are you failing your classes? Not connecting socially with others? Feeling lost academically? Is the financial obligation too much to bear? If you expect to have an honest, adult conversation about dropping out, youll need to contribute your own honesty and maturity as well. Be Specific General statements, like I just dont like it, I dont want to be there, and I just want to come home, may be accurate, but theyre vague and therefore not very helpful. Additionally, your parents may not know how to respond to these kinds of general statements other than to tell you to get back to class. If, however, youre more specific- I need some time off from school to figure out what I want to study, I need a break right now academically and intellectually, Im concerned about how much this is costing- both you and your parents can have a constructive conversation about your concerns. Explain What Dropping Out Will Accomplish Dropping out has such a heavy feel to it because it is a very serious choice. To assuage their concerns, discuss with your parents what dropping out will accomplish. True, youll leave your current situation, but then what? While withdrawing from your current college or university might be appealing, it should be only one step in a longer, carefully thought-out process. What will you do instead? Will you work? Travel? Aim to re-enroll in a semester or two? The conversation should not just be about leaving college; it should also include what youre planning to do next. Be Aware of the Consequences Your parents will likely have a lot of questions for you about whats going to happen if you drop out. What are the financial consequences going to be? When will you have to start paying back your student loans, or can you put them on deferment? What will happen to the loan and grant money youve already accepted for this term? What about your lost credits? Can you re-enroll at your institution at a later time, or will you have to reapply for admission? What obligations will you still have for your living arrangements? While your heart and mind might be set on dropping out and leaving your current situation, your parents can be great resources for helping you keep your focus on whats most important. The key, however, is to fully engage and work in partnership with them to make the transition as painless as possible for everyone involved.

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Rebuilding Community Using positive Psychology Essay

Rebuilding Community Using positive Psychology - Essay Example One is left wondering how such a humanitarian and natural catastrophe could conspire to create a living hell, with flooding that stretched beyond 90,000 square miles and creating a human displacement of 400,000 people. Hundreds of thousands of residents lost jobs. In a nutshell the happening of the disaster teared apart the social fabric as ruthless as the physical infrastructure. In reality this is a spiritual dent that is firmly embedded and forever shall ring on the minds of the masses and transcending beyond various manmade stratums in life. Yet this agonizing aftereffect leaves an awkward experience to the urban planners, Policymakers. According to Maslow's hierarchy of human needs, the analogy here is that the current state of living in Katrina at the bottom of Maslow's law of hierarchy of needs. Thus the superdome city has become an abyss of suffering, desperation and despair. The worst tragedy is the mayhem created by hoodlums who crept out from their dark hiding places to their new freedom of looting and raping the helpless vulnerable Katrina Survivors and ignorantly exposing the dark belly of New Orleans. William C Compton (2001) It is now evident that Environmental catastrophes unfold in different shapes and sizes that cannot be contained by human ingenuity; this can be quantified with the concurrent striking of tsunami in Katrina, Indonesia, Kobe Japan among many places. Therefore rebuilding Katrina to its former, and better stature goes beyond brick and mortar. Posttraumatic syndromes need a specialized approach in combating the menace. Kolk's classic article, "The Body Keeps the Score," Harvard Review of Psychiatry, Jan-Feb 1994, 253-65). Reports that Trauma alters limbic system structures (involved in various emotions such as aggression, fear, pleasure, and also in the formation of memory) in ways that are not easily corrected through talk or self-reflection. This calls for probing of highly sophisticated positive psychiatry modalities that have the ability to rapidly counter maladaptive hyperarousal in the limbic system. This abolishes the preconceived illusion that is rides on the notions that outlive s the materialistic view of food; medical treatment and shelter as the only requirements needed by refugees of Hurricane Katrina. Energy Psychology Therapy With limited psychiatry centers, it is therefore a collective responsibility for clinical psychiatrist's from myriad backgrounds and the community at large to integrate Energy psychology, a discipline that utilizes cognitive interventions, combined with methods derived from acupuncture, acupressure, and related systems. - In treating emotional and behavioral problems. Historical records indicate that the approach has had a remarkable achievement as post trauma psychological intervention in the wake of natural and human disasters in the Congo, Kenya, Kosovo, Kuwait, Mexico, Moldavia, Nairobi, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, and Thailand and probably it will bring optimistic changes upon the Katrina's. Energy psychology is an approach to psychotherapy and emotional self-management that uses the stimulation of "energy points" on the skin for the purpose of changing specific emotional response patterns (Gallo.F.P 2004). Stress Debriefing and Cognitive Behavior This approach was founded and