Friday, August 23, 2019

Biology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Biology - Essay Example Before choosing whether to save seeds the farmer is expected to determine whether the seed is crossable with other seeds, in order to come up with new plants, that have an increased productivity, and their products are more refined. E. O. Wilson (n.pag.) in his presentation notes that the little organisms compose the foundation of the earth’s ecosystem. But, in addition, he states that the various organisms in the ecosystem relate closely to each other to come up with a stable and balanced ecosystem. Notably, the ecosystem would not exist if only one type of organisms existed. According to E. O. Wilson (n.pag.) , most of the organisms have not been discovered, though presently the scientists are making numerous attempts to find them. He reiterates that smaller organisms are the most important creatures, since they drive the ecosystem. The nematode worms are an example of these organisms. Their increased numbers enable them to effectively influence significant aspects of the en vironment. According to the research, E. O. Wilson (n.pag.) acknowledges that there are more than 5 million species in one ton of soil. He states categorically that scientists are not sure of the role that various organisms play, though they are convinced that they influence the form of the environment in a positive way. There are various organisms found such as algae and disease causing organisms. Some of the disease causing organisms include the bacteria, while some of them are harmful, the others are important to man. According to E. O. Wilson (n.pag.) there are more than 500 organisms that are found in the man’s bucal cavity. He also states that if a closer analysis is made, then someone might notice some microorganisms have their origin far from the earth, basically these organisms are aliens. E. O. Wilson (n.pag.) states that most organisms are very susceptible to various harsh conditions in the biosphere. Though human beings have made attempts to eliminate the organism s due to their harmful nature, they have not been successful. The various harmful practices that man engages in, and that threaten the survival of the organisms include: the habitat destruction such as the climate change, invasive species such as pathogenic bacteria, pollution, human population expansion, and overharvesting which leads to the extinction of certain organisms. E. O. Wilson (n.pag.) mentions that if such practices are not stopped, a half of the organisms will be eliminated within the next century. Some of the limitations that can be felt if some of the organisms are eliminated include the loss of important scientific research materials, a lack of environmental stability, and also the disappearance of some pharmaceutical products, thus, affecting wealth, security and the health in general. E. O. Wilson (n.pag.) acknowledges that the earth is on the edge of losing important scientific information and may lose various organisms even before discovering them. According to t he USA research statistics only 15% of the total organisms on the earth have been discovered. Hence, he proposes that human beings ought to preserve the environment and, at the same time, access the encyclopedia of life, which basically contains various organisms found on earth. It advocates that human beings should search for a new life, understand it, and help to preserve it. Vandana Shiva is an anti-GMO activist who advocates

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