Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Purpose of an Education Essay -- Educational Teaching Teachers Ess

The Purpose of an Education Many of today’s youth do not see the purpose of education. Students, however, have goals and ambitions they want to fulfill when they reach adulthood. They want to be the lawyers, doctors, teachers, computer analysts, and government officials. They want to have salaries that exceed $50,000 so they can drive the BMW(s) and Lexus(es). To fill these positions, young people need to meet the qualifications and they will see that it fundamentally comes down to receiving a good education. The purpose of education is not to prepare young people for the next grade. The overall purpose of an education, however, is to prepare adolescents to be adults so they can be productive citizens in our society. Before the overall goal can be met, students need to learn the smaller things. In kindergarten, they are taught their ABC’s and 123’s. Here they realize that their hands can be used to write and color. By second grade, they would have mastered penmanship and adding and subtracting numbers. They also should know how to spell small words and use them in small sentences. By fifth grade, multiplication and division should be memorized. They should know by now how to write short essays. By this time, punctuation should not be much of a problem. As they reach junior high school, students would have experienced writing longer essays and they now should be able to comprehend what they read. Throughout their high school career, they should ...

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